Beale Street Caravan

#1913 - Big Star’s Third

December 31, 2014

A couple of days before his unexpected passing, John Fry, a longtime supporter and source of inspiration for BSC, had called up post-producer Adam Hill and in their conversation jokingly mentioned how great it would be to hear the Big Star show again during our re-broadcasts over the holidays. So as we step into this new year, it seems a fitting thing today to remember those who won't be making this leg of the journey with us.

(Previously aired). This week on BSC, the songs of the iconic album, Big Star's 3rd, fill the air in Overton Park in Memphis, TN, as Jody Stephens and an all-star cast, including Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey, and Pat Sansone, take the stage to bring the songs to life in front of an adoring hometown crowd.

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